Hybrid Enterprises LLC

Combining Design with Execution and Delivery



About Us


Hybrid Enterprises LLC has been providing technology services to the government, healthcare, multimedia and academic communities since 1999. Hybrid is a recognized Information Technology and Software Development company bridging the gap between business needs and technical requirements;  integrating today’s latest technologies with current legacy applications. We provide quality service in all areas of systems/software engineering, quality assurance and project support.

Our Mission

“To exceed our client’s expectations through the delivery of timely, effective and tangible solutions”

Our Philosophy

Focus on the needs of our customers and execution of the requirements.  Respond and adapt quickly to change, while building coherent actionable  designs and the quality products to get the job done.

Our Clients

Our Clients

  • The Department of Veterans Affairs 
  • Advocate Healthcare Systems 
  • The Golf Channel
  • Columbia University
  • Georgetown University
  • HPS Paradigm  

VA Projects

  • Patient Financial Services System (PFSS) (RISE)
  • Person Service Lookup (PSL)
  • Identity Management Data Quality Toolkit (IMDQ-TK)
  • Person Services Identity Management (PSIM)
  • Master Patient Index (MPI)
  • Master Veteran Index (MVI)
  • MVI Consumer Services Integration
  • Integrated Electronic Health Record (IEHR)